Camp Dick adventure

Some pix from our backpacking adventure this weekend in Roosevelt National Forest. It was a beautiful one-hour drive away. We parked at Camp Dick and hiked up Buchanan Pass about two miles. The trail was cool as we were at a pretty high altitude, in the forest, under gathering storm clouds, walking beside a rushing river the whole way.

We pitched our tent at the edge of a grass-filled clearing, not far from a carpenter ant mound as it turned out. Luckily we’re not made of wood, so they gave us no real trouble! The boy showed off his scout skills by putting all our food and anything that could attract bears in a waterproof bag that he hung from a tree about 60 feet away when not in use.

1. Pouting because the boy was being a punk (which is not rare), but he soon apologized and made it up to me

2. Attacked by wild dogs: Duffy the scottie and Baxter the wirehaired pointing griffon

3. Getting snuggly with Baxter in the tent during a very light and soothing afternoon rain shower

4. The boy decided to photograph me in this not-so-flattering position, crouching to fill a water bladder in the stream (we used purification tablets to make it safe)

5. In the morning making breakfast. You can’t see them in this photo, but a swarm of mosquitoes are swirling around the boy’s head (we forgot the little can of Deet!)

6. Goofy self-portrait

7. The clearing we camped in, with mountain covered in pine trees as the backdrop

8. Enjoying some surprisingly good Starbucks instant coffee

9. At a bridge just before returning to our car in the Camp Dick parking lot

10. Snapped this on the way home. Our one-hour drive took us along a two-mile dirt road with jaw-dropping views, including this picturesque clearing, complete with farmhouse and craggy rock outcropping.


2 thoughts on “Camp Dick adventure

  1. Matt will be jealous when I show him these photos. He misses the mountains quite a bit. Hey, we have the same tent! I just love the tear drop window and the color.

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