Blogosphere, ho!

This blog is likely to be a hodge-podge to start. I’m hoping someday it will be about my love of sailing (hence the title), but as that love is nascent and perhaps a little dormant as I figure out some big life puzzles in land-locked Colorado, it’s gonna be about… well… life. In all it’s clumsy, stop-start, disappointing, joy-inducing glory.

Please forgive me in advance if my posts tend toward the starry-eyed. You see, I moved to Colorado about five months ago from a much more sailing-friendly clime known as the San Francisco Bay Area… for (let the eye rolls and feminist cry-fouls commence) a boy. Even worse, I think he was worth it. But more on that later.

For now, let me just encourage you to read this wonderful blog (actually, a sailing log of her latest round-the-world adventure), by one of my life- and sailing-heroes, Tania Aebi. It was Aebi’s memoir Maiden Voyage that inspired me to learn to sail (or begin to learn), and in an odd foggy way that retreats from me like the proverbial pot of gold, was among a handful of memoirs to inspire me to follow my passions, come to Colorado, and without warning, meet the love of my life.

But again, more on that later…